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How It All Began - A Brief History

Friends of African Nursing was started as an organisation by Lesley and Kate, who had family contacts in Africa and due to their professional nursing backgrounds, had taken an interest in the health systems in African countries which they had visited whilst on holiday.

It was apparent to them both separately, that the privilege of the healthcare environment in which they both worked in the UK - which offered continuing education, ready access to journals, speciality (perioperative) education and a professional association (in which they were closely involved, at home) as a ready made network... was indeed a huge privilege which should be shared. So they raised some funds, used whatever contacts they could make, find or encourage and the first course in Uganda became a reality in 2000!

Thanks to all those early supporters, they were on the road to sharing experiences and knowledge with their African Nursing colleagues albeit on a very small scale.

In 2006, we achieved registration with the charity commission of England and Wales. In the years since that time, we have continued with our mission, delivering education face to face to African nurses and also via on- line education.

Other Organisations Which FoAN Has Inspired

Friends of African Nursing (Canada)

FoAN (Canada) is an independent Canadian organization that will work alongside its UK counterpart to advance the education and training of perioperative nurses in the developing world with a strong focus on African countries. After several years of planning, a small group has formed FoAN (Canada), and the organization was officially launched during the 2011 ORNAC Conference. FoAN achieved charitable status from the Canadian government in 2012.

Perioperative Nurses organisations which have been encouraged by FoAN have been set up or renewed with assistance from FoAN.

ZOTNIG - Zambia Operating Theatre Nurses Interest Group had a successful conference in 2012 with representatives from all around Zambia.

PONGG - Perioperative Nurses Group of Ghana launched in March 2011 and is adding new members, setting up study sessions locally and thriving.

PONAM- Perioperative Nurses Association of Malawi news from Malawi in 2012 is that the organisation is steadily growing and holding education sessions for it’s members.

Botswana - Botswana Perioperative Association has renewed its’ efforts in 2012 to set up a special interest group under the aegis of the Nurses Association of Botswana.

Tanzania -Tanzania Theatre Nurses Association. It was resolved that the original efforts to set up a group would be renewed, however it is not known if this has actually occurred since FoAN’s last visit in 2009.

Lesotho - Steering Group, with named officers are setting up a perioperative organisation, and we await further news.

Trustees - Board Of Friends Of African Nursing

We are a small board of 7 perioperative nurses ably assisted by the expertise of our Treasurer and support of our two patrons. Each annual report identifies the trustees and in an effort to provide some privacy to them, their names are not repeated here.

FoAN - Training Nurses Across Africa Since 2001

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