Raising Funds For FoAN

Friends of African Nursing (FoAN) cannot provide the training and support for perioperative nurses, collect, take or send supplies and equipment without appropriate funding.

One Development Programme Involves:

The costs for a minimum of two trainers travelling from the UK to their destination plus visas

Accommodation and meals for a week for the trainers

Immunisation and anti-malaria medication costs for the trainers

Travelling costs for the African Nurses to get from their local hospitals to a central training location. Due to the size and remoteness of some African settings, as well as transport links, this can take some time and be quite costly.

Accommodation & meals for all of the nurses to stay for the duration of the course

Training venue costs

Transport costs within the country to enable trainers to visit the Ministry for Health and local hospitals

Memory Sticks to give copies of education and links to further reading for each of the delegates.

In addition to the training provided, in some countries we help to try and set up a library of educational resources

What Do We Take / Send to Support Our Friends in Africa?

All training materials

Educational Posters

Text Books for Nurses

Eye Protection

Surgical Instruments

Disposable equipment for surgery, including in-date sutures, catheters, ET Tubes, LMAs Gloves and Masks

So, how can you help?

You can be assured that any donations or funds raised will be used to support colleagues, and not go to running the organisation. We have very few overheads and all our time is given voluntarily.

Money to pay nurse costs is paid direct to the nurses or to the facility we are doing the training or to the area that has supplied catering for us. This ensures that we keep a close eye on what money is being spent and can be accounted for directly.


Becoming a member costs £15 per year for which, we will keep you up to date with training delivered and events via our bi-annual Newsletter. We welcome individuals or “groups” (such as church groups, clubs and societies). 

Perhaps you can encourage more people to become members every little helps.

 As little as £10 can provide an African Nurse with eye protection for one year

Cards for Sale

The talented co-founder of Friends of African Nursing, Lesley, paints in her spare time. Several of our fundraising volunteers sell these cards for us at local fetes or other appropriate events.

Brooches for Sale

Those of you who have travelled to Kenya will know of the marvellous bead work which Masai women do - we are working with a group of women in Nairobi, who provide HIV awareness brooches for us. They are included in the sales area - please do consider purchasing one, thus supporting the awareness of this devastating disease and also the women who make them for us.

Bracelets for sale

The bracelets we have recently purchased come from an area high up in the mountains of Ghana, not only supporting those who make and paint them, but also the villagers who travel to Accra to sell them on.

Running An Event

Do you want to help by organising an event? If you would like to, it would help if we know about this effort, so that we can support you with appropriate documentation and assistance. We will also acknowledge your efforts in the Newsletter. There are many ways of raising funds: Car Boot Sales, Raffles, Cake stalls, Bring and Buy Coffee mornings, Plant stalls.

For a fundraising pack, please contact us at 

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