Zambia 2010

Kate continued to Zambia, from her visit to Mulago Hospital, Kampala where she attended the East, Central and Southern African Health Community College of Nursing Conference in Lusaka . She gave a paper on The Safe Surgery Saves Lives Campaign by The World Health Organisation’s World Alliance for Patient Safety, which FoAN is helping to roll out across the continent.  She also made a presentation at a workshop on Surgical Site Infection. Presentations on a wide variety of topics were attended including some on the many challenges which face African Healthcare providers particularly on the Millennium Development Goals. Very useful links were made with the Chief Nursing Officers from a variety of new countries as well as continuing to build on relationships with representatives from countries which FoAN has visited in the past.  FoAN is most grateful to Johnson and Johnson for their support for this visit.

Zambia 2004

Curriculum Update and Leadership Programme

Two teams travelled to Zambia on this occasion, with very different plans.

Lesley with Jane Reid stayed in Lusaka to work at the Operating Theatre School. Their plan was to revise the Operating Theatre Course Curriculum which had not been reviewed since mid 1980's and was based on a 1970's standard. Jane was sponsored to travel with Friends of African Nursing by Molnlycke Healthcare- to whom we are very grateful for the support they have given. A very hard week of work ensued with local tutors and clinical staff for the University Teaching Hospital. Thanks to Jane's skill and hard work, the finished product was handed to the General Nursing Council and the Chief Nursing Officer at the Ministry of Health, on Friday morning. Lesley meanwhile, was teaching the secretarial staff in the Theatre school, how to make best use of their new software and computers (kindly donated by Johnson and Johnson Export).

Kate and Debbie Lee flew up to Ndola on the Copper Belt, and based at the Mkuba hotel, a group of potential leaders of Perioperative Nursing for Zambia , had a five day leadership course. They worked hard in small groups and enjoyed facilitated group work, individual coaching and master class tuition. Government support for travel and accommodation for all the delegates was gratefully received, and provided by the Central Board for Health. The course was attended by a colleague from Uganda , who was sponsored to attend by Friends of African Nursing.

Thanks to Sam Chingambu who provides excellent support on the ground and without whom our travels would be so much more difficult and much less fun. Thank you Sam!

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