Ethiopia 2008

"Developing your leadership potential"

 13 Nurses from Hospitals all around Ethiopia were invited to attend the Leadership element of FoAN educational programmes. The course was held at the Queen of Sheba Hotel in Addis Ababa in September 2008.

Objectives for the Leadership Course are:-

  • To provide an understanding of leadership
  • To raise awareness of the challenges facing clinical leaders
  • To encourage networking
  • To provide support
  • To facilitate ongoing personal leadership development
  • To provide an overview of useful tools to support a clinical leader
  • To share and disseminate good practice
  • To develop understanding of changes taking place across the whole of the health arena.
  • To identify a personal action plan

 One nurse had travelled for two days by bus to attend the event in the capital. Due to the very difficult travel circumstances and the very poor salary levels of nurses in Ethiopia, Friends of African Nursing sponsored the travel, accommodation, education costs and food for all delegates to the course. The nurses worked very hard and with great enthusiasm. They were thrilled to receive an Individual profile generously donated by TMSDI, which enabled them to understand their working preferences. This assists not only with greater understanding of themselves and their strengths but also how to play to the strengths of the nurses which they work with and manage.

Lesley and Kate travelled to Ethiopia, and delivered TMS training, as well as the other content of the leadership course.

The Ethiopian Nurses have had very little access to continuing education and almost never any leadership education. Operating Theatres are complex multidisciplinary areas, and nurses have to be able to prioritise, manage a team of people and work closely with other professions. Leadership skills are necessary at many levels.

Feedback from the theatre nurses attending the course shows that they had gained from the experience:-

I enjoyed the whole training program, it gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. It gave me a chance to share my ideas with colleagues. I am so happy to participate in this type of training not only for the job but also for my destiny. I noticed things I had missed before.

I enjoyed personal development planning, my report and leadership context and managing conflict.

I enjoyed knowing what leaders really do.

I will be a strong leader. I will be a flexible leader. I will make influence in my organisation to do everything necessary and effectively on behalf of my patients

Many thanks to Lesley for her assistance and company. Thanks also to TMSDI for their support and sponsorship of the Profiles donated to the Ethiopian Nurses.

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